10 Reasons why Valentine's Dinner is a good idea

1. To get all dressed

Remember going all out during the dating phase, wearing your best outfit to your most appealing fragrance? If it’s been a while since you did this, Valentine’s dinner can serve as some inspiration to get all dressed.

2. To reignite that spark

Has the romance somehow taken the backseat in your marriage/relationship? Making the effort to make dinner reservations to enjoy with that special someone, is a great way to reconnect. Ensure you are not on your mobile phones during the dinner and instead, enjoy each other’s company, with eye contact.

3. To communicate your feelings

Sometimes life gets hectic and we often don’t communicate our feelings at all or as often as we should. The effort that is made on Valentine’s Day can serve as an indication as to how much you value, love and appreciate that special person in your life.

4. To make a move

If you have your eye or heart on someone, inviting them to dinner for Valentine’s Day will surely be a good way to progress to the next step.

5. To practice self love and acceptance

If you’re single, instead of being upset by days like Valentine’s Day, think about the people in your life that you love and cherish and have dinner with them. It may not be romantic love, but it still is love and why not celebrate what you mean to each other.

6. To celebrate your love

Sip on some bubbly. Request some strawberries dipped in chocolate. Talk about how far you’ve come. Be grateful and let each other know how much you appreciate each other. Don’t take each other for granted – tell that someone just how much you love and appreciate them and be specific.

7. To be creative

Whether you choose to get a handwritten card or a gift that you make, Valentine’s Day, surely inspires creativity. Plan ahead and present your loved one with that something special during your Valentine’s dinner.

8. To take time out

Get a babysitter. Put your phones on silent. Do not check messages or emails. Totally dismiss yourself from the rest of the world and be totally present whilst having dinner together. Look each other in the eye – have a conversation, make each other smile and laugh.

9. To drink some wine

If you need an excuse, well then, Valentine’s Day can certainly serve as that excuse to indulge in a bottle of red wine. Speaking of red wine, you should certainly make a point of trying one of our favourites, The Goose Expressions and we highly recommend this for your Valentine’s dinner.

10. To be romantic

Not everyone is going to love roses or chocolates, so be observant when choosing little surprises in an attempt to be romantic. Perhaps your special someone prefers a bottle of Gin and yellow roses, not red. It’s not about how expensive the gift is, but about how meaningful it is.

Similarly, it’s not about eating out at the most expensive restaurant but about the ambience, where beautiful and romantic moments are created and remembered.

On that note, if you are not already aware of our Valentine’s Menu, have a look below and feel free to contact us to celebrate your love in our restaurant.

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