Our Customer Loyalty stems from our employee loyalty

Customer Loyalty - Tin Goose Restaurant

This is something we take seriously at The Tin Goose Restaurant and Aviator Hotel. We are proud of our high employee retention rate, it’s an indication that we are doing some thing right. We of course, also understand the implications of a high turnover.  That being said, creating a culture where our team feels valued, is key as we believe our employees are key to building customer loyalty.

Our employees represent our brand, they are the core of our business. It is therefore imperative that their job satisfaction levels go beyond satisfaction, as we strive to build a culture where employees are not “forced” to be part of the team, but “want” to.  We endeavor to build culture of dedicated and committed employees.

One of they key factors is recruitment. We recruit those who have a passion for hospitality.  A genuine smile with a desire to serve our customers, is not something that can be faked and we are proud to have a team who go the extra mile on any given day, to make the customer experience a great one.

In this post and the few upcoming posts, we’d love for you to have a closer look at our team, as we introduce you to some of our valued team members, in no particular order, who will be at your service when you dine or conference with us.

In the spotlight, is Felicia. With an infectious smile, Felicia remarkably dazzles our customers.  She is often asked for by name and we receive tons of compliments about the amazing service she delivers to our restaurant guests. We don’t know if Felicia ever has bad days because it never shows!

Watch this video to see what Felicia has to say about working at The Tin Goose Restaurant:

Also in the spotlight, is Lucia. One of two supervisors at The Tin Goose Restaurant, who works alternate shifts, Lucia supervises the restaurant team and has done such a stellar job at doing so, that in her absence, her enabled team deliver service seamlessly to our restaurant guests.

Have a listen to what Lucia has to say about working at The Tin Goose Restaurant:

These videos were not practiced nor scripted, it was also voluntary without any incentives given to either Felicia or Lucia. We wanted you to have a genuine overview of their candid views.

If you’re familiar with the Pareto principle, or as some may refer to it as the 80/20 rule, which basically states that 80% of a company’s sales comes from 20% of it’s customers, you’ll understand that this is one of the reasons why we value our customers; as not only do they become loyal customers, but they also refer us to others. We cannot build customer loyalty without building a culture internally, which creates and sustains a positive, passionate and dedicated team.

Have you had the privilege of engaging with Felicia or Lucia? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below and if not, we hope to welcome you soon so that you too, may experience the delightful service from our team who are eagerly and passionately awaiting to be at your service.

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