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What will it be this morning? A short black? A Caffe latte or an Americano? Regardless of which you choose or why you choose it, all that matters is that your order is taken correctly, isn’t it?  Our staff are properly trained to ensure you get your fix, if we may call it that. The rich taste and smell of the perfect blend of coffee is what gives you the boost that you need, early in the morning or during the course of a busy day. There are many variations of coffees around the world, but we’ve narrowed them down to a few, to help you understand the differences as we help you to Know your Coffee – Espresso-based drinks.

Espresso-based drinks all have three common ingredients, namely espresso, steamed milk and foam. The difference between the various espresso-based drinks lies in the amount of each ingredient used to make each.

Single Espresso

Don’t be alarmed if you hear someone order a “short black” for the very first time as the Espresso is also referred to as a short black. One shot of Espresso – that’s all it is, no extras. It’s an acquired taste for some.

Double Espresso

It’s what the name suggests – nothing more, nothing less. Two shots of Espresso in one cup for those who enjoy something a little stronger.

Triple Espresso

No surprise here – it’s just as the name indicates – not one, not two, but three shots of espresso in one cup for those who enjoy something a lot stronger.


Add a dash of steamed milk and foam to an Espresso and there you have a Macchiato. It’s meant to ease the taste of the intense espresso. A Macchiato is also known as a Piccolo Latte.

Caffe Americano

Aka “Americano”- as the name suggests, was made popular by American soldiers who allegedly watered down their coffee to make it last longer during World War II. It’s made from a shot of espresso and hot water. Cold or warm milk can be added.


Café Latte – aka latte for short, is also an Espresso based drink but tastes sweeter as a result of the steamed milk and micro-foam which is added to the Espresso. Café Latte is served in a tumbler type glass. The latte is meant to hide the bitter taste of coffee, for those who are not ardent coffee drinkers. If you ever travel to Italy, be sure to ask for a Café Latte as requesting a Latte will get you a glass of milk.


Very similar to a Café latte but has more foam, which is a distinguishing factor. A cappuccino is served in a cup and not a tumbler type glass as a Latte is. A cappuccino is made in layers, of espresso, steamed milk and micro-foam, giving it extra taste and texture.  It’s one of the more popular coffee orders.

Flat White

Very similar to a cappuccino, except it does not have any foam milk. It’s made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk. It originated in New Zealand and Australia.


Enjoy the best of both worlds with a combination of hot chocolate and cappuccino.  It is made with a shot of espresso, chocolate powder, steamed milk and micro-foam.

Whether you consider yourself a coffee aficionado or not, we invite you to taste our delicious espresso-based drinks.  We’ve created this infographic for your ease of reference, which includes the espresso-based drinks we serve.

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