In the spotlight – Susan Mohlari

In the Spotlight - Susan Mohlari

At The Aviator Hotel and Tin Goose Restaurant, women are not just celebrated or empowered during Women’s Month and the story of Susan Mohlari, who from selling tomatoes on the street, to being promoted to an Housekeeping Assistant Manager, is indicative of this.

Susan was born in Tzaneen. Although she attended matric, she unfortunately did not pass matric at the time. Times were tough and she needed to earn an income and therefore sold tomatoes on the street in a place called Sekororo Village.

About a year later, Susan worked at a nearby farm, where she worked in the fields, farming vegetables. She did this for about four years before she moved to Gauteng as a domestic helper, who also looked after kids.

About four years later, Susan was forced to seek alternate employment, as her employer emigrated. Susan then joined what was known as “Life Hotels” in 2011 as a Room Attendant.

In early 2012, Susan was promoted to the role of a Public Area Attendant.  By December 2012, Susan relieved the Laundry Linen Keeper which paved the way toward her next promotion, which was Housekeeping Supervisor, in 2013.  This was the first time that Susan was appointed in a role, where she had people reporting to her. She led a team of twelve. 

In 2018, Susan was promoted to her current role, i.e. Housekeeping Assistant Manager, with the following team reporting to her;

9 Room attendants

6 Public Area attendants

5 Laundry attendants

3 casuals

When asked, what was the highlight of her career, Susan shy, yet proudly responded, “it was the day that I was promoted to a Supervisor. I persevered and I told myself all the time that I could do it, my journey was tough but I knew what I wanted. Being promoted made me feel like I was appreciated.”

Where to from here? “I want to complete my matric and I have aspirations to be a Manager one day.”

At 38 years old, a mother of 4 children, from a young girl who started off selling tomatoes on the street to now being a leader of a team, Susan Mohlari is an inspiration. Anything can happen if you put your mind to it.

We are proud that we have been part of Susan’s journey to empowerment, not just as a woman, but as an individual. Susan’s dedication, commitment, determination and positive attitude has allowed us to promote her into the various roles, with added responsibility each time.

We believe in growing our team and each person within the team. Our high retention rate is evident of this. In the hospitality industry, it’s always nicer when returning customers are welcomed by familiar faces opposed to seeing new faces each time – we are proud of the fact that many of our employees are asked for by name.

An employee may appear “happy” or “unhappy” in their working environment, we strive to have a culture of service excellence that exceeds expectations and paying attention to the career paths and development of our employees, is one of the things we pride ourselves in, to communicate our employees’ value.

Susan didn’t allow her circumstances to stand in her way, she made a move and she kept on doing so in order to reach for her goals. If Susan could do it, so can you!

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