10 Reasons why Valentine's Dinner is a good idea

1. To get all dressed Remember going all out during the dating phase, wearing your best outfit to your most appealing fragrance? If it’s been a while since you did this, Valentine’s dinner can serve as some inspiration to get all dressed. 2. To reignite that spark Has the romance somehow taken the backseat in…

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Funny, Corny Restaurant Jokes

Restaurant Jokes Drinks - Tin Goose Restaurant.jpeg

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing triggers endorphins which are feel good hormones. When one feels stressed, there’s nothing like a good laugh or two, to ease the tension. There’s a long list of benefits that laughing may bring about for physical health, mental health and general social engagement. As the year…

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In the spotlight – Susan Mohlari

In the Spotlight - Susan Mohlari

At The Aviator Hotel and Tin Goose Restaurant, women are not just celebrated or empowered during Women’s Month and the story of Susan Mohlari, who from selling tomatoes on the street, to being promoted to an Housekeeping Assistant Manager, is indicative of this. Susan was born in Tzaneen. Although she attended matric, she unfortunately did…

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Win a R1000 voucher with The Tin Goose Restaurant

“All four element were happening in equal measures – the cuisine, the wine, the service and overall ambience. it taught me that dining could happen at a spiritual level” – Charlie Trotter At the Tin Goose restaurant, we pay attention to small details and the little things that actually enhances our customers dining experience.  This…

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Our Customer Loyalty stems from our employee loyalty

Customer Loyalty - Tin Goose Restaurant

This is something we take seriously at The Tin Goose Restaurant and Aviator Hotel. We are proud of our high employee retention rate, it’s an indication that we are doing some thing right. We of course, also understand the implications of a high turnover.  That being said, creating a culture where our team feels valued,…

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