The Aviator Hotel Baby Shower Package

Aviator Hotel Baby Shower Package - Tin Goose Restaurant

The purpose of a Baby Shower is to celebrate the upcoming birth of the expected child. It’s also to prepare the mum-to-be and/or parents-to-be for the journey of parenthood that lies ahead, often through games and activities that take place during a Baby Shower. You will be pleased to know that we have put together a baby shower package to make this special occasion a positively memorable event.

A baby shower is also an opportunity to receive gifts, in recent times, more and more people are thoughtful of the pregnant lady and some do get gifts for her and not just the expected baby.

When should the Baby Shower take place?

A baby shower usually takes place a few weeks before the birth of the child, but in some cultures and for medical beliefs, a baby shower is sometimes held after the baby is born.

Are Baby Showers only for the first child?

There has been some argument on whether or not to have a baby shower for the second or third or however many children are born thereafter – this is now a personal choice and it’s left to the mum and/or parents as to whether they choose to celebrate the birth of every child or just the first.

Who should attend the Baby Shower?

There is no right or wrong about who to invite to the baby shower or who should throw it. These are all personal preferences, however, it would be courteous to ask the mum-to-be if there is anyone she would like to be present – in the event that the hostess is not familiar with work colleagues or family or friends.

Are Baby Showers for women only?

Baby showers are not only for women, there are many parents who chose to have what is referred to as “Couple Showers” where both parents are present as well as male and female guests.

The Aviator Hotel Baby Shower Package

After various enquiries on baby shower packages, the Aviator Hotel, has put together this affordable package, which is only valid over weekends or on weekday evenings.

We understand that there are some expectant parents who don’t have their own home, whist there are others who would prefer to celebrate away from home or work and we have put this package together, taking that into consideration.

We invite you to share this special occasion with us. The standard package may be customised. e.g. if you prefer to have platters instead, we will gladly arrange this for you and your guests accordingly. There are 3 options from the set menus which you may choose from or you may opt for a full buffet instead, as an optional extra.

Email: for queries or to book.

T’s and C’s

This offer is valid for all bookings made and paid in full on or before 31 July 2019. Offer valid for dates up to 30th September 2019. Subject to change without prior notice.